Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Seasons of Joy

There is no way I am sitting still for another photo mom.
Mommy taught me to throw acorns at the cameraman.

When young and expecting it is difficult to comprehend what challenges await you in the coming years.  Thoughts of the added responsibilities - and how they would impact barely brewed marital ties, the attempt at repatriation and the completion of a long postponed Bachelor's degree - all juggled around in my mind.  Alas the day arrived and fears are quieted by his joyful cry, as his first breath was taken in his father's arms, and then extinguished by sight of his two beautiful grey eyes as he lovingly observed the world around him - our Bundled Blessing, Benjamin had arrived.  Now, two years later, our home is filled with the blissful sound of our infant's laughter intertwined with that of our own as the walk hand in hand ready to overcome new obstacles, discover new adventures and explore the surrounding world.